"I still feel you, everywhere"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

To Blog or not to blog, that 'tis the question

Alright so this is my first blog EVER. I needed something to fill my time and I was inpired by katie, who insists I look like a girl with the last name of bologny. That's besides the point of this blog. I guess this can be a good thing since I have a million thoughts going through my head a day and have been wondering what to do witht those thoughts. And jsut to let you know I am the worst speller ever in the whole entire world so please no criticism. Well I don't really have alot to blog about today. I guess I'll just go witht those random thoughts. I did not do anything for springbreak which should save me a trip to the doctor to get checked for various diseases, as I hear most are air born in Panama. So I sit here, in Evansville, wondering where in the world my life will take me. Right now I lay on my bed, winnie right next to me (my pup), a clean room, and a completely organized life. Feels good. What doesnt feel good is the uncertainty my future holds. I know everybody worries about these things... but have they worried about them their whole life like I have. Im sure of it. And now this is the time where I push those thoughts to the back of my mind realizing I will never solve it like a mathematic equation. It's simply something I'm going to have to get out there and find. But what if I mess up? There's no way around that..


  1. Did I leave a comment here yesterday?

  2. HELLO....HE.l..l..o..o..o H..e...l...l....o.....o.......o

    Damn, it echos in here. :)